Kevin Ha

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A Shiny app for creating custom color bars

There has been a few odd times that I’ve needed to create a custom color bar for my figures. A really simple solution in R can be found here. Although running this in R is easy enough, one idea I had was to turn this task into an interactive Shiny app. So here it is… introducing Colour Bar Builder, a Shiny app for creating custom colour bars interactively. A demo is available on

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Building my website with Jekyll

Recently I decided to update my personal website using Github Pages and Jekyll. One big selling point was that I could use Markdown to create my pages and posts. I was inspired by this blog post, which was a great starting point for me to dive into Jekyll. Here, I write about my own experience getting started. Rather than writing a comprehensive how-to post, I’ll just point to online resources that I learned from and highlight some troubleshooting items that I encountered.

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